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Essences are a staple in Korean skin care routine and a multi-role skin conditioner that is a crucial step in the skincare routine. It should be evenly applied across the entire face and neck. Working on a cellular level, most Korean essences optimize the skin’s natural turnover rate (skin regeneration) for a smoother, brighter and revitalized skin. As a multi-functional product, they also address hydration, wrinkles, fine lines, dull/uneven skin tones and can be formulated to include many other beneficial properties.  Serums are concentrated ingredients that target specific skin concerns and are therefore a lot thicker.  Chemically formulated with smaller molecules to penetrate deep into the skin for maximum absorption, they include performance ingredients such as vitamins, lipids, and antioxidants.  Ampoules are a highly concentrated extract of a primary ingredient in an oil or water base.  They differ with serums in that instead of small molecular formulations, they rely on high concentrations of a primary ingredient to powerfully deliver the absorption into the skin.  Serums and ampoules are applied before a moisturizer, mask or cream.
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